A rapidly growing education company bringing world-class language immersion programs to as many families as possible.

The Company

KSS Immersion Schools, Inc. is a rapidly growing education company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission is to bring its world-class language immersion programs to as many families as possible. We believe that the gift of language at an early age and the extraordinary benefits that bilingualism brings to early learners are invaluable. KSS has three brands operating and actively expanding: Shu Ren International Schools and KSS Immersion Preschools in the Bay Area, and Green Ivy International Schools in New York City.


Kids Speaking Spanish (KSS) Immersion Schools offer a full-time Spanish immersion program for children two - six. For over 20 years, KSS’s responsive learning environment has supported language immersion, encouraged self-direction, empowered children to conquer challenges with creative solutions, and strengthened critical thinking skills and social connections. Students flourish under the care and guidance of maestras who nurture the skills needed to grow into confident, resilient, and forward-thinking individuals well-prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

Shu Ren International Schools are an IB World School that inspires a love of learning through an inquiry-based, Mandarin immersion program that prepares students ages 2-12 with the heart and mind to thrive in an evolving global society. Shu Ren delivers an enriching and engaging environment that focuses on three critical components: Inquiry-based learning, multilingual and multicultural education, and the whole child's development. Students excel academically and learn the essential skills needed to navigate an increasingly complex world.

Green Ivy International Schools develop future-facing schools and programs prioritizing sustainability, innovation, and world citizenship in and across our curriculum and holistic programs. Our instruction program encourages curiosity, supports student agency, and is rooted in our students' experiences of the global world. The Green Ivy family schools include Pine Street School (Nursery-8) and Battery Park Montessori (Nursery-Kindergarten) in New York City. They are internationally respected models of education, International Baccalaureate and Montessori.


Our schools empower students to become internationally-minded critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Within our engaging, inquiry-based environments students reach their full academic and human potential and become caring, multilingual, and culturally literate global citizens. We believe that multilingualism is an extraordinarily powerful gift to give any child on so many levels. And we seek to develop, enhance, and expand our program offerings so that as many parents as possible can give that gift to their children.


Gaby Rowe

Erin Miller

Annette Mixon
VP Operations

Kurtis Pierce
VP Development

Jennifer Caron

Archana Kaushal
Director of Digital Marketing

Gary Mouton
Director of Human Resources

Liza Sanchez
Head of Talent Acquisition

Greg Von Suskil
Head of IT and Systems

Board of Directors

Matt Wulfstat
Former CEO Stratford Schools

Patty Miller
Former President Nobel Learning

Kurtis Pierce
Former Owner & President KSS Preschools

Aleem Choudhry
Managing Director Crane Street Capital

Nadine Fahoum
Vice President Crane Street Capital

Chip Miller
Former CEO KSS, Inc. & Brain Balance

Board Advisors

Jennifer Jones, Ph.D.
Founder Green Ivy Schools

Jie Moore, Ph.D.
Founder Shu Ren International School

Tony Moore
Co-Founder, Shu Ren International School